Youth & Child Counselling

Child Counselling AbbotsfordMany people assume that children and youth face the same mental health concerns that adults do. While they may have similar concerns, the way in which their symptoms present vary drastically. These young and important clients need specialized services that fit the way they learn, adapt, create, grieve, and process difficult thoughts and emotions.

Third Culture Kid Re-Entry Counselling

Child Counselling - Third Culture KidsA Third Culture Kid is a child who grew up in a culture that was different from their caregiver’s country of origin. Re-entry into their caregiver’s country of origin can oftentimes lead to feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, resentment and fear. Being able to process these difficult and confusing thoughts and feelings with a trained counsellor who has also experienced this situation is vital in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Divorce Care for Kids

Child Counselling - Divorce Care for KidsDivorce does not have to wreak havoc on your children. Studies show that children of divorced or separated parents fair well when their caregivers are able to co-parent with respect and when caregivers are attuned to their children’s emotional health. Having an experienced counsellor help you navigate co-parenting while providing support counselling to your child during this time, has the capacity to add to your family dynamic in positive and constructive ways.