Counselling One on One

There are many benefits of participating in the counselling process. These include increased awareness of one’s own pattern of behaviour and emotional coping skills, improved interpersonal relationships, reduced stress and anxiety, and an increase in one’s ability to manage intense emotions.


Counselling - Trauma CounsellorThe unfortunate truth is that many people experience one form of trauma or another. Whether it is dealing with painful memories of past abuse or living through a difficult experience as an adult, trauma is part of our collective existence. We used to have a certain set of beliefs about how to work with those who have experienced trauma. However, we now know that trauma-sensitive training is important for counsellors and/or therapists as we work with our clients to ensure safety, build resilience, process thoughts and feelings, and focus on self-care.


Counselling - Anxiety CounsellorAnxiety is a very important and necessary emotion that can help keep us safe. However, when anxiety occurs on a continual basis and stays elevated with no real threat, it can be exhausting, life-draining and unhealthy. Having support in order to understand what gives you anxiety and why, while learning evidence-based techniques to cope with this overwhelming emotion is important and possible.

Grief & Loss Counselling

Counselling - Grief & Loss CounsellorWhether you feel alone or supported by friends and family through your grief and loss, it may be helpful to have someone to talk to when navigating life without your loved one. In addition, you may be the one person trying to ‘hold it together’ for your grieving family. Grieving is a necessary part of the process of loss and it’s also a sign that you loved someone deeply. If you having feelings of grief that you are struggling to manage, you may find it helpful to receive support from a trained professional.