Clinical Counsellor Services

Child Counselling

Many people assume that children and youth face the same mental health concerns that adults do. While they may have similar concerns, the way in which their symptoms present…..


We are truly living in the media age! While the benefits of meeting a clinical counsellor face to face are many, the options for how you have a session are limitless.

One on One

There are many benefits of participating in the counselling process. These include increased awareness of one’s own pattern of behaviour and emotional coping skills,

Clinical Counselling

No matter how independent you may be, you are hard-wired to co-exist and live within community. At times, that community can be supportive and safe. At other times, you may struggle to find someone who truly understands the challenges you face. In either scenario, having someone who walks with you through the challenging valleys while celebrating with you through the successes at the mountaintop is truly a unique relationship. Here you will find evidence-based treatment and support for managing difficult situations, challenges to become more adaptive in your life, and ways to become a healthier, more balanced you!